Body Sculpting Packages
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Next Class February 29th-March 1st
Turn up the heat during your workouts with the APL Body Sculdpting Waist Trimmer. It's durable, lightweight, and flexible allowing for a wide range of movements while providing therapeutic heat compression to the midsection and back. Made with extra-thick, latex-free Neoprene that may help the body sweat more during exercise. But don’t worry about the extra Sweat, the Trimmer's inner lining will not only repel moisture absorption but also limit slipping and bunching during exercise.
Body Sculpting Master Class
Waist Trimmer
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Get multiple day, in-depth hands-on training. Learn to give your clients an hour glass figure with the hottest non-surgical techniques; such as body cavitation, body and facial laser lipo, vacuum butt lifts, wood therapy, facial RF skin tightening! LEARN FIVE SCULPTING TECHNIQUES IN ONE CLASS! Includes learning materials, and hands-on learning with a live model. Learn how to operate the equipment and safely administer the treatments to clients. Equipment not included in class fee but can be purchased separately. Class Includes study booklet, client forms (and waiver), certificate, wood tools and 3 live models for practice.